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    • Track large and small sales without a calculator, pen, or paper
    • Sell products with just a few taps
    • Know how much to charge customers immediately 


    • tabtap SHOP’s automatic inventory indicates when products are running low
    • See what products your shop needs and create a tabtap shopping list
    • Buy more of your most popular products and automatically update your inventory 


  • Say goodbye to counting products by hand and guessing what products you need
  • tabtap SHOP automatically updates your inventory with each sale
  • View and manage your popular and unpopular products 


  • Track sales, revenue, and earnings and be proud of your business success
  • View your business performance indicators by the day or week.
  • Know exactly how much money your business needs, and where to invest


  • Make smart business decisions with accurate, data-driven information 
  • Improve your money management with business finance support tools
  • Help us keep tabtap SHOP free of charge by sharing your user data and periodically filling out useful surveys

Track your inventory. Grow your shop. Build your business.
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